Employers have to navigate the continually changing legal landscape in health care, as well as, the complexities of employment law and benefits law covering such areas as ERISA, GINA, and HIPAA.

ENTRUST-HEALTHCARE recognizes these challenges and provides employers with state of the art Compliance Services including: 

  • A compliance review with you, your broker, TPA and/or Benefits Consultant to help identify any areas of concern.
  • Online (through the Portal) and toll free access to attorneys to answer your specific employment and benefits law questions. Answers will be documented and provided by the end of the next business day. Ask questions as often as you have them!
  • Access to an Online Compliance Portal available 24/7 from your secure home page! Tools include a Compliance Dashboard, a state specific handbook/policy builder, online training with certification capabilities, ability to print posters /forms and checklists, job descriptions, federal and state news updates and more.
  • Monthly Compliance Express updates sent direct to your email box to keep you informed.
  • Ongoing Health Care and Reform webinars with leading subject matter experts tracking the regulations and keeping you informed in plain English as the changes impact you.

Who Uses the Enquiron Health Compliance Services?

entrust-healthcare has contracted with Enquiron to provide Compliance Services to employer groups in any state and operating in any industry. 

Employer questions are typically ERISA, benefits and employment law, as well as, HR risk management "crisis" situations requiring immediate attention. The Compliance Services' attorneys will provide documented legal advice no later than the end of the next business day to support employers in these situations. Beyond these types of issues, we encourage users to be proactive and ask questions before problems arise. By using the Compliance Services for advice and counsel, clients can save time, money, and reduce liability! 

Why small organizations?
Small employers typically don't have HR expertise on staff and need somewhere to turn for initial guidance.
What about a mid-size organization?
Busy HR professionals use the Compliance Services to save time and get a second opinion.
Large companies, too?
Yes!  Compliance Services' attorneys are specialized in the fields of ERISA, benefits and employment and labor law so even when an organization has HR expertise and their own General Counsel on staff the entrust-healthcare> allows for time savings and gives second opinions in the specific area of law.
What industries can use the service?
Employers operate in industries as varied as non-profits and health care facilities to publishers, construction companies and retail locations.   All employers face difficult employment law, benefits law and compliance questions.   This service will provide the answers.
Can only some states use the Compliance Services?
No!  This resource services clients in all 50 states with no later than end of the next business day response time.


These unique Compliance Services are protected under U.S. Patent 7,464,045.

Brokers, Benefits Consultants and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) are trusted advisors relied upon by their employer group clients. They play an important role in the identification and mitigation of client risk through education, the purchase of appropriate products and services, and the day to day administration of their needs. They recognize that employers have to navigate the continually changing legal landscape in health care, employment law, ERISA and other benefits laws.

ENTRUST-HEALTHCARE recognizes these challenges and provides state of the art Compliance Services for Brokers, Benefits Consultants & TPAs,as well as, for their Employer clients.


These unique Compliance Services are protected under U.S. Patent 7,464,045.